Open to all scales of business, we provide the Guidance, Creative powers, and Techniques Necessary for the Success of every Fruit-centered project
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Welcome to Fruit Media Group. We’re a group of Social Media and Content Creation Experts, who specialize in the promotion of Fruit-related businesses and services

We work on Fruit-related projects Mainly, for the purpose of increasing the amount of Joy from Fruit and the Knowledge of Good Health on this earth

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Fruit Media Group teaches clients not only how to Attract Customers via Good first impressions in all forms, but also how to Keep Customers coming back for More Purchases and Content Consumption

Building a brand

Creating a unique, Feeling-provoking, yet simple logo that customers can Recognize and Appreciate is one of the tasks that Fruit Media Group assists business owners with the most

Building a logo

Fruit Media Group creates Professional-looking websites that are designed to create the Best First Impressions, Product Interactions, and Smoothest Navigations

Building a website

Fruit Media Group recognizes that the Internet is one of Humankind’s best gifts to Humankind. The Freedom we have to Instantly Connect with others who are Far, far Away from us is very impactful. Content Creation is one of the Easiest, yet Most Important ways to Grow a Business worldwide

Building social medias

Unleashing the Power of Organic Growth: we specialize in crafting SEO-optimized content tailored to elevate your brand's online presence

Building SEO optimization

Transform your audience engagement with our Email Marketing Services. Dive into the world of targeted content, optimized delivery times, and interactive designs

Building email marketing



uFruitFest 2024

Developers: Anastasia Krutik, Lera Mikitenko, Andrey Kvasov
The first Online Fruit Festival for the celebration of fruits and the fruitarian lifestyle. This Festival will be an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other like minded individuals to create personal and business relationships with people who care about well, Fruit


Second Heart

Developer: Anastasia Krutik
Logo for a training system that uses dynamics, rhythm and effort
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Our Team


The Founder of and Client Relations Lead for Fruit Media Group


The Head Content Creator and Writer for Fruit Media Group

Anastasia (Nastya)

The Artist, Graphic Designer, and Website Builder for Fruit Media Group


The Web Designer for business owners as well as Fruit Media Group

Alexander (Alex)

The Head Video Creator for Fruit Media Group


The Social Media Manager, Loading/Data collector, and Media Maintainer of business owners as well as Fruit Media Group


The Graphic Designer and Website Builder for Fruit Media Group


The SEO-Optimization and Email Marketing for Fruit Media Group
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The Project Manager and Assistant Director for Fruit Media Group


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